'Blending all their influences and references into a seamless, homogenous sound, they prove themselves above labels - but, what's even more important, they do so with the brilliance of their performance and the power of their beautiful compositions'. Nikos Fotakis,

'There are constantly shifting groupings of call and response with tight conversational interplay particularly emerging between drummer, keyboardist and trumpeter'
... Aeternal Flux blog

The founding members of Shol - trumpeter Christopher Skepper and pianist Andrew Harrison - started working as a duo in 2004, exploring original compositions that blended free improvisation with the structures of contemporary jazz, and the textures of industrial soundscapes. 

Shol's musical journey moved into a new phase once drummer Chris Lewis and bassist John O'Hagan joined the group, adding rhythmic sophistication and solid groove to the mix. With saxophonist Chris Pappas expanding and consolidating the lineup in 2012, the circle was complete. The group unearthed a deep-rooted awareness of unity and the true sound of Shol was born.  Shol released their debut album in 2014 through Newmarket Music, one of Australia's premier jazz labels. 
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The Andrew Harrison Trio

The Andrew Harrison Trio was originally formed in Canberra in 1996 to perform Andrew’s compositions, as well as pieces by often neglected jazz musicians such as Andrew Hill and Paul Bley. After a break, whilst Andrew completed postgraduate study in San Diego and relocated to Melbourne, Andrew reformed the group in 2004 with a new lineup of Paul Binns/Jeremy Burrows on double bass, and Chris Lewis on drums.

Andrew’s compositions for the trio serve as a springboard for collective interplay within the ensemble, and are written to focus on the virtuosic abilities of each musician.