Breaker Morant

“Special mention must go to Andrew Harrison for his score…” Bendigo Advertiser

Piano Fantasia No 1

“His Piano Fantasia No. 1 is a big work, using a fully developed technique and incorporating some improvisational elements within tightly controlled parameters...” Larry Sitsky, Australian Piano Music of the Twentieth Century 

“Andrew Harrison swims with ease through the changing currents of jazz, pop, rock and classical music…” Canberra Times 

“Connected with physical expression is Harrison’s interest in industrial music, where power tools and smashing glasses become part of a bizarre ambience…” Canberra Times


"Blending all their influences and references into a seamless, homogenous sound, they prove themselves above labels - but, what's even more important, they do so with the brilliance of their performance and the power of their beautiful compositions." Nikos Fotakis,

"The Skepper/Harrison/Lewis/O'Hagen quartet open proceedings with their post-Electric Milesian avant-jazz...mercurial eddies of digital keyboard from Harrison suggest Herbie Hancock in his fertile post-Bitches Brew, pre-Headhunters phase...there are constantly shifting groupings of call and response with tight conversational interplay..." 
Aeternal Flux blogspot, August 2010

The drumfire was incessant...

"The Drumfire...inspired by an account of the Battle of Pozierres in 1916 and the involvement of a relative, was clamorous and intense. An imperious whistle, blown from the audience, signalled the start of interpolated sections creating unpredictable dynamic tension in the structure." Peter Maccallum, The Sydney Morning Herald

The Laramie Project

“The music for The Laramie Project was quite dramatic…” Bendigo Advertiser 

 “The Laramie Project was well complemented by the original music score by Andrew Harrison, which was excellent…” Theatrecraft Magazine 

“The Laramie Project music composed by Andrew Harrison is dramatic and moving. As it underscores some of the more intense moments in the play, it adds another dimension to the already compelling docu-drama. The music is reminiscent of the rich textual quality of underscoring in film. Don't produce the play without Andrew's music.” Janet Hollier, director; Assoc. Professor of Communication and Theatre, Georgia Perimeter College, USA

"Thank you for allowing us to license your music for our production. It added a great deal to the mood and authenticity to the show." Kim Martin, director; Lee College Theatre Department, Baytown Texas, USA

"Love your album...the students in the cast have heard your 'Opening Theme' and love it..." John Cummins, director; Kings College, Auckland, New Zealand