Film Music

Abel - Learning To Surf

Whilst his parents sleep, Abel sets out to teach himself to surf. His naivety, however, has got the better of him, and he soon finds himself in a precarious situation. Written and directed by Joel Loxton.

Abel - Opening Scene

In the lack of any outside influence, 11 year old Abel lives in a perfectly sterile and secluded world created by his protective parents. An only child, his home schooling teaches him to distrust anyone outside the family unit. Keen to break away from his parent's grip, Abel sets out on his own expedition. Starring Lucas Spaleta, Shane Narle and Laura Hill. Written and directed by Joel Loxton.


God tells Abraham to sacrifice his son. Abraham is obedient to his Lord. He takes his son to the mountain. And their lives are never the same. Starring Tom Long (Two Hands, The Dish), Natalie Novikova and Scott Werkmeister. Written and directed by James Robertson.

At The End Of The Day

On his first assignment, a young photo-journalist is confronted by a situation which challenges his sense of morality and humanity. Directed by Amruta Narghundkar.

Bottom Dollar

A chance meeting between a struggling gambler and an alcoholic saxophonist brings about change for the best in each other's lives. Starring Andrew Curry (Neighours, Blue Heelers) and Jono Burns. Directed by Timothy Duncan.